Quiltbearing #1

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brush and Bleach on Paper on Fabric on Wood

calligraphy in acid
pen & ink on plaster
adobe tablets
base of rights
glazes of privilege
milk and lemon juice convictions
i draw with sticks
paint with crushed wood
watch my father's sparks in the garage vignette
watch my mother's unswerving placement of stones on sand happening
know my sister's duet dual dance offs lasts until today, finally
the next sketchmark
will be on my feet.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Descriptions of Segou


boiling leaves or boiling bark
staining the cotton
handwoven on looms
made elsewhere
laying on the design
laying on the bleach
drawn with soap and bleach
by beauties, generous and one-armed

meticulous. magic.

coupled with
the wind, the dust in my nose,
thirsty, the threat of water
women's work, excision and symbols of complicity
lizards like dogs come for scraps
little boys like men come for barter, for sales

flocks of blackbirds, flocks of blackbags
flocks of trees, river of soultakers
river of exhilaration, tongues and breath

mud. cloth.